About Us



Our restaurants have been among the busiest anywhere for more than 20 years.Our margaritas and nachos are famous. But we have always made everything from scratch.We sell great Pizza, Wings, and have been making the best burgers for our own consumption for a long time.
But when we visit sports bars, we see that they generally do not focus on the food.Some have great atmosphere and are fun, but frankly the food could be better.
So we decided to start doing some research into opening a sports bar with great food.We started visiting sports bars everywhere, getting a bit drunk and having a good time because that is what you do in any sports bar.If the game and sound and atmosphere are good or even preety good, sports bars can be the place.We saw places with great 29 degree beer and more than cute waitstaff.We ate some pretty good burgers and wings.
But we never saw a place that puts it all together.
So we decided we have this big building, so why not marry great food with a great fun atmosphere, a lot of TVs and create the best sport bar anywhere so we decided this is exactly what we’ll do.
We decided to make it a great restaurant with fair prices and a great sports bar all in one.
Our goal is to have such good food and drink that we a terrific place even for those not caring about the TVs and fun. But, of course, we will have TVs and fun.
So this is the path we are on.Check us out and tell us how we are doing.